South African Youth Must Lead Fourth Industrial Revolution

This is imperative as by 2050, Africa will have one of the largest workforces in the world, with one billion young people.


Young people must lead South Africa’s drive to advance, shape and win the fourth industrial revolution, says Home Affairs Minister Malusi Gigaba.


They must point the way to the future and must be unafraid to propose bold ideas and tools with which to pursue them.

"The challenge before all of us, and the challenge for you is to build economies and societies which equip young people with the tools and ecosystems to create and take advantage of economic opportunities," Gigaba said on Wednesday.


The Minister was speaking at the 4th BRICS Youth Summit underway in Bela Bela, Limpopo, under the theme ‘Radical Economic Transformation – Making the New Development Bank Work for the Youth’.


Gigaba told the youth that there is huge opportunity to use the BRICS partnership to reshape global trade patterns to accelerate and deepen the country’s development.


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